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A residential treatment program for teen-aged boys struggling with sexual behavior problems

Kaizen Academy is about hope and healing. We provide intensive and comprehensive residential treatment for teenage boys who are struggling with inappropriate sexual behaviors. We also recognize the impact of these issues on the entire family, and offer listening ears, moral support, and healthy strategies in our parent work, family therapy, and throughout the entire treatment process.

Beneath this challenging behavior lies a young man worthy of compassion, and desperately in need of help. We have a profound belief that each boy can learn to live a healthier life by strengthening relationships, increasing awareness, becoming fully accountable, learning new skills, and developing both socially and emotionally. We have made it our life’s work to make a positive difference for these young men and their families.

There IS hope. There IS healing. If you and your son are ready for a new beginning, give us a call to discuss your situation.


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Program Overview

Kaizen Academy is located in a rural, mountain community approximately 30 miles south of Provo, Utah. The 55-acre ranch has a beautiful mountainous backdrop and an abundance of clean air, wildlife, and recreational opportunities.

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basic living skills

Developing independent living skills is an important part of life. While at Kaizen Academy, each young man is taught skills that will help him become independent and self-sufficient.


social skills training

One of the critical tasks of adolescence is the development of effective social skills. Kaizen Academy recognizes that research identifies social skills training as a critical component in the treatment of sexual behavior problems, and has integrated social skills development into the curricula for each young man.



Kaizen Academy strives to maintain a balanced approach to treatment and the development of general living skills. This includes healthy and wholesome recreational activities. In addition to athletics and community activities, we also incorporate a variety of experiential and therapeutic excursions to facilitate growth throughout the treatment process.


education services

The academic experience at Kaizen Academy provides flexibility and support through the process of blended learning – an integration of on-line courses (multi-media format), individual assistance, and small-group learning.


residential living

Supervised living among peers provides several opportunities for continuous life-skills and healthy relationship development. Personal responsibility, self-care, team work, and living effectively within boundaries are a daily part of the residential experience.

Clinical Services

Kaizen Academy provides specialized clinical services to non-adjudicated young men with sexual behavior issues. Our leadership team and clinical professionals combine to bring nearly 100 years of high-level experience to the Kaizen family – the boys and their families we are privileged to work with.

The outward behaviors our boys struggle with are often rooted in deeper, underlying emotional struggles. We create an individualized clinical approach for each boy, designed to tackle the external AND internal struggles. Individual, group, and family therapy, built on a foundation of attachment theory and other evidence-based approaches, are the weekly modalities of the clinical program. With our years of experience, we can confidently state that our approach has stood the test of time.

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At Kaizen Academy, the therapeutic journey for each young man – and his family – is about healing. Through a well-designed clinical process, coupled with unique treatment needs for each individual, the road to wellness becomes clearly defined.



An important part of the clinical journey is gaining increased recognition of who we are at the core, and what factors have contributed to our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The journey of hope and healing at Kaizen Academy includes inward exploration and understanding through self-awareness.



Generally, sexual behavior problems involve crossing established, acceptable boundaries. Healing includes a deep and comprehensive process of accountability, an essential element of each young man’s clinical work.


Empathy Development

Developing the ability to recognize or even consider the emotions and experiences of others is a critical interpersonal skill. We assist young men with sexual behavior problems to develop this important skill, to help make amends and move forward more effectively in their relationships.


Personal Enrichment

In addition to the process of recognizing, repairing, and rebuilding, the clinical process at Kaizen Academy includes various opportunities and challenges for personal growth. We focus our work on the immediate needs, as well as the longer-term vision of life after treatment.


Relapse Prevention Planning

Success after residential treatment is our ongoing hope, and is most likely achieved when there is a solid after-care plan. Relapse prevention planning is an integral part of treatment, and becomes increasingly important toward the end of each young man’s journey at Kaizen Academy.


Family Involvement

Recognizing the systemic nature of interpersonal issues, an important part of the clinical process involves family therapy, recreation, and transition planning. The family plays a critical role from day one to discharge.

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