Practicing Gratitude

Aren’t you glad you have a choice? I know there are times when we feel like we are drowning in negativity, financial woes, health challenges, etc. SO MANY things befall us that are beyond our control (although, some we bring upon ourselves), it sometimes doesn’t seem fair. But we ALWAYS have a choice in our approach to our circumstances. The ancient Greek philosopher, Epictetus, once said that “it’s not what happens […]

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Why Swim in Unsafe Waters?

Not long ago, I took a photo of a shark warning on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California.

Initially, I focused only on the specifics of the moment – do you risk it, and paddle out anyway? Do you heed the warning and stay out of the water? I could imagine my younger self getting upset at the warning – I mean, […]

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