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Residential living at Kaizen Academy is a critical part of our over-all treatment strategy. Our facility is specifically designed for our unique population.

Kaizen Academy offers specific safety considerations in terms of daily living policies, physical design, and 24 hour staffing to protect all students. Those safety protocols include:

  • All dorms have either one, three or four students per room
  • Line of sight/line of sound supervision

Kaizen Academy is deliberately designed for continuous supervision. The ability to assess and observe students in daily living situations helps our staff support and facilitate change.

We recognize and immediately respond to sexual “grooming” behaviors that may go unnoticed in residential treatment center programs with less experience dealing with sex-specific issues.

Besides these measures, Kaizen Academy’s residential treatment program is designed to promote healthy development and continued healthy growth by offering:

  • Certified food safety manager who prepares three meals daily
  • Fruit or healthy snacks available anytime
  • Outdoor basketball court for fun and exercise almost any time during the day
  • Twin-sized bunk bed each student

Besides our campus home, the Kaizen Academy culture itself becomes each student’s safety net. Our students understand each other and their challenging issues. They put pressure on themselves to change.

The program and the group build students by helping them realize that old coping tools and behaviors don’t work. Students help each other develop new tools for new lives.

We encourage each student to achieve purpose in life, excellence in work and play, and self-honesty to create a happy and healthy life. Our residential home model supports students in their discovery of new strengths and interests.

When you would prefer to discuss your situation with someone personally, we invite you to call our admissions director at 877-467-1681.