A Comprehensive Integrated Approach

Kaizen Academy specializes in treating boys ages 13-17 with sexual behavior related issues. Our program approach was designed in 1989 by leaders in the field – leaders who actually developed the standards for most treatment programs in the country (many of which are still in use today). We can confidently state that our approach has stood the test of time.

The process begins with a 60-day assessment, designed to identify the underlying clinical issues and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

These are complex issues. Our multi-faceted, clinically sophisticated approach is designed to identify the personal and contextual risk factors, and develop and bolster personal and contextual protective factors. But it also involves understanding and addressing the myriad developmental, behavioral, emotional, and social problems that contribute to each young man’s sexual issues.


“Clinically sophisticated” is not simply a marketing phrase – to us, it means that we take a comprehensive, in-depth, and individualized approach to addressing these complex issues. It involves a multi-layered 60-day assessment which leads to the unique profile of each young man we serve.

This allows us to blend empirically sound standards with individualized elements, leading to a results-driven treatment plan for each young man.

We also understand that treatment is not a compartmentalized process.

Rather, the treatment team includes the academic and residential staff in the development and execution of the treatment plan, providing a truly integrated, collaborative process. This allows us to help each young man become better prepared for life outside of treatment, as we work together on how his treatment issues impact his daily life and responsibilities outside of the therapy office.

Collectively, we measure each young man’s progress against his treatment objectives, and make any needed adjustments along the way in order to accomplish them.

We emphasize accountability, empathy, honesty, integrity and family re-unification.

When you would prefer to discuss your situation with us personally, we invite you to call our admissions director at 877-467-1681.