Kaizen Academy’s Residential Program

kaizen-our-programKaizen Academy is a place of respect, responsibility, and resilience. The usual struggles that siblings have in living together also occur at Kaizen Academy, and serve as a teaching opportunity for building relationships.

Healthy conflict-resolution strategies, communicating clearly and respectfully, and validating the importance of each individual are examples of learning to navigate relationships more effectively.

The importance of “pulling your weight” and “work before play” is highlighted each day, through meeting the expectations of daily responsibilities.

The day begins with household chores in which youth learn the skills of independent living: cooking, washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, doing laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. As they progress in the program, youth have the opportunity for leadership by supervising their peers in the performance of household tasks. The program promotes social responsibility and becoming a healthy member of a community. Guided by clearly established expectations, youth learn to respect each other, their community, and authority figures.

Every challenge is a potential teaching moment. Our relationship-based implementation of behavioral strategies is designed to enhance respect for self, and for others, and to experience victories every day.