Creating a Safe and Welcoming Inner Circle at Kaizen Academy

We know that there are uphill battles to climb after your teenager enrolls in a residential treatment center. Luckily, Kaizen integrates that into our program model. We encourage building strong family relationships to not only heal your male child’s behavioral issues, but also to heal the family dynamic as well. 

At Kaizen, we also place significant value on the importance of interrelationships with the boys’ therapists, our professional staff members, and between the boys themselves. In this blog, we’ll explore how our residential treatment center staff and students create an accepting and open environment that can feel like a home away from home.


Safely Communicating the Issues

Sexual behavioral problems are often a source of immense shame for these boys, and a taboo subject to discuss with anyone who may not understand. We make it a priority to create a supportive environment where these adolescents are in the exclusive company of other boys who have gone through similar struggles, and they’re surrounded by authority figures who are compassionate advocates for them. We prioritize making these young men feel safe enough to openly communicate.

The boys all participate in individual and group therapies to help them in their process of positive change. The inpatient model of treatment plans we offer these teens better enables us to schedule therapy sessions at a pace that best suits them individually. Once placed in a supportive therapeutic environment, the boys feel a sense of safety and can open up about past behaviors.


The Power of Relationships

We believe one of the greatest resources these boys have is one another. Humans are naturally social creatures, and this is even more true for teenagers. Many adolescents will lean on their social structure for support, which is why we cater to a very specific niche at Kaizen. It is a specific and centralized program where all of the students can relate to each other and bond over the same struggles. They leave their friends at home but develop new, stronger, healthier relationships at our residential treatment center in Provo.

The students who are more advanced in their clinical work become mentors for the newer boys or anyone else having a difficult time. A core mission at our academy is to help these teenage boys learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships with those around them. We also focus on community integration, where they start to grow past their own inner struggles and successfully begin contributing to their communities.


A Home Away from Home

Everything we do at Kaizen Academy is to make these teenage boys feel safe, welcome, comfortable, and peaceful during their time in Provo. We keep this in mind when it comes to hiring our excellent staff members, or even when grouping our students together. We want to facilitate success. Growth is at the center of everything we do. Our residential treatment center is a nurturing, familial setting where adolescents live to change for the better. Read more information on our full program and other resources available to these young men today.