Kaizen Academy is the finest boys’ residential treatment center in Utah, specifically working with teenage boys between the ages of 13-18 who struggle with sexual behavior issues. Our gorgeous campus and unique program here at Kaizen is designed to set up your son for success, helping them overcome their personal struggles, allowing them to grow and your family to heal. We are here to help your family recover and aim to provide you with the best teen rtc in the area. To learn more about our boys’ residential treatment center, contact us today.

Our program here at Kaizen is multi-faceted and focuses on a variety of different aspects to help your son overcome his obstacles. Some feel as though a program of strict discipline is the only way to achieve the goal. Here at Kaizen, we value clinical approaches as well as different recreational focuses that will help your son conquer the personal challenges that he is facing, helping him move beyond them and grow into a well-rounded and respectable individual. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the specifics of our program here at Kaizen to give you an idea of what makes the program here at Kaizen so unique.

Chores and Responsibilities

As we’ve said before, our relationship-based implementation of behavioral strategies is designed to enhance varying levels of respect-both for oneself and for others. We help our students learn this through many ways, one of which is through chores. Similar to how your son may have chores to do at home, we make sure that your son keeps up with his chores while at Kaizen, from cooking and cleaning to doing dishes and laundry. We also focus our efforts in other areas, like health, money management, personal appearance, and hygiene. Understanding independence is self-sufficiency is key to our goal of teaching self-respect while also promoting social responsibilities and living up to establish expectations and standards. Once they progress in our teen rtc program, they are given the opportunity to eventually be a supervisor among their peers in completing chores. This facet of our program here at Kaizen not only promotes responsibility and self-sufficiency, it also teaches our students to respect themselves and their peers, as well as authority figures.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Respect is a big part of what we promote here at Kaizen, and in addition to promoting respect for oneself and others, we also promote respect of one’s environment and the outdoors. Our means of promoting this is through a variety of outdoor activities. From winter activities like snowboarding and skiing to hiking, kayaking, and fishing, your son will spend time outdoors with their peers, promoting physical fitness and self-confidence in addition to a respect for nature and the environment. Kaizen Academy sits on 46 acres surrounded by federal forest lands, giving us easy access to plenty of fun and enriching outdoor activities right outside our doors.

In addition to nature-focused recreational activities, we also have an array of on-campus activities that our students partake in. From board games to physical workouts, to paintball, running track and other athletic activities, your son has access to numerous forms of recreation during his time here at Kaizen. We also take our students to the theater and cultural events, as well as local malls, so as to provide them with a well-rounded living experience. Additionally, we also have many opportunities to provide service to places in the community. Whether it’s visiting nursing homes, cleaning up local parks, or parts of the highway. This also provides many opportunities to provide community service, including visiting nursing homes and cleaning parks or stretches of highway.

The Benefits of Our Approach

A balanced living experience is essential to the success of any individual, and this is something that we truly believe here at Kaizen, designing our teen rtc program to provide your son with just that. We promote the concept of work before play but also understand the importance of recreation, and our recreational activities play an integral part of the larger treatment program. Exploring new interests and having new experiences play a major role in eliminating destructive behavioral patterns, replacing the old ones with new, healthy, and beneficial ones. It’s also been proven that outdoor recreation has many mental benefits as well.

Ultimately, our program here at Kaizen helps your son and family heal and overcome his obstacles not only through our specialized treatments and clinical approaches but also through our use of recreational activities and teaching them personal responsibilities. Through our teen rtc program, your son will not only learn to respect himself, his peers, and authority figures — he’ll also learn to respect his environment and the community that he is a part of. All of these goals will allow him to conquer his personal obstacles, grow past them, and eventually grow into a respectable and respectful young man, ready to return home and succeed.

Those are just a few examples of what makes our Provo boys residential treatment program so unique. At Kaizen Academy, it is our goal to help your sons who are struggling with sexual behavior issues to overcome these issues, allowing both them and your family to heal and rise above them. We are here to serve you and your child and want nothing more than to see your family conquer these battles. To learn more about our residential treatment center for boys, contact us today.