It is difficult for any parent to see their son struggling. If your son is facing is struggling with sexual behavior, you may be feeling helpless and overwhelmed. But there is hope. Kaizen Academy offers residential treatment for boys struggling with sexual behavior in Utah. If you are worried about your son, we can help.

When you feel it is time for your son to enter boy’s residential treatment, the conversation can be overwhelming. In today’s post, we will help you through how to have this conversation with your son. Read on to learn more and contact Kaizen Academy today to get your son the help he needs.


How To Talk To Your Son When It's Time To Get Him Treatment

mother and teenage son

This Is Not Going To Be Just One Conversation

You are likely very worried about your son but put yourself in his shoes. Hearing that he needs to go to boy’s residential treatment will likely be scary and overwhelming to him. He will likely be very hostile the first time you bring it up and it will need to be revisited before he understands. It will take consistent, patient, and open communication.

conversation between mom and teenage boy

This Will Feel Uncomfortable

As a parent, the idea of having to talk to your child about the subjects of sex can be uncomfortable. Biting the frog is the best way to approach this and create a mutual feeling for everyone. Embrace the discomfort and be as honest and open with your child as you can. It’s uncomfortable for both of you but it is important.

father and teenage son

Speak On Sexual Abuse, Addiction, and Safe Sex Practices

You want to make sure you cover all the bases because if there is a feeling of why do I need residential treatment for youth, your child and family will have a much bigger struggle through this time. Speak honestly about what you have been concerned about and the risks you feel your child is taking. Being direct and open is always best.

father lecturing teenage son

Focus On The Why, Not The Have To

Make sure as the parents you say why this is the answer and solution you feel best with, and refrain from using the “because I said so” line. Your child will likely be overwhelmed and scared. Explain the situation in open and honest terms and make sure he knows you are coming from a place of love.

It can be difficult to think about getting your son boys residential treatment. But if your child needs help, you have a responsibility to get that for him. Kaizen Academy can provide the help your son needs. Contact us today for more information.