When you have a troubled teen, your heart aches. When you’ve tried to do all you can to help your son make better choices and resolve conflict, but you still see them struggling, you realize your child needs more help than you are able to provide. And then you know, time is limited, and if the problems are not addressed at the core, their adult lives will be less than you imagined it would be. At that point Kaizen steps in. Their compassion, expertise, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile (or more!) makes them the perfect choice. I cannot tell you the ending to the story, because we’re still in the middle chapters. But I have hope the remainder of the book will have a different and positive outcome because of the genuine commitment Kaizen has for our family. Thank you, so much, to each one of you who intensely labor for these boys. God bless you all.

Donna Aumann Cooper