1. Great place

    Great place. I love how the staff care about all the kids there…Read More

    Chaz Matthews
  2. Compassion, expertise, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile

    When you have a troubled teen, your heart aches. When you've tried to do all you can to help your son make better choices and resolve conflict, but you still see them struggling, you realize your child needs more help than you are able to provide. And then you know, time is limited, and if the problems are not addressed at the core, their adult lives will be less than you imagined it would be. At …Read More

    Donna Aumann Cooper
  3. Top Notch!

    The professionals at Kaizen are top notch!…Read More

    Gordon Day
  4. Wonderful!

    All the staff and directors are wonderful!…Read More

    Peyton Kilpatrick
  5. Quality of Administration Top Notch

    The quality of the administration is top notch. They are special people with specialized skills to work with the population they serve.…Read More

    Shane Whiting
  6. Safe Place

    The residential director of this program works hard to make the house a safe place where students and staff can grow and access their untapped potential.…Read More

    Sarah Vasicek
  7. Qualified

    The staff are well qualified to provide help to those at this location and provide support as well as important character-building skills.…Read More

    Christian Hargraves
  8. Committed to Helping Young People

    This program is committed to helping young people. These are challenging times with complicated issues. Kaizen, navigates these issues with compassion and professionalism. They take good care of their families and give them hope.…Read More

    Mary Lou Wise
  9. Remarkable Place of Healing

    Kaizen is a remarkable place of healing and new beginnings!…Read More

    Showey Gardiner
  10. Care About Students As Individuals

    The people working with the students here care about them as an individual and want them to become a positive contribution to society and to their families. As with any school you must see it first-hand to know if it is a good fit for your child, and meet the people who would be working with your child and the students that would be around them.…Read More

    Sean Hagerty