1. What is a Residential Treatment Center?

    A residential treatment center is a live-in healthcare facility designed to help patients recover from a variety of different issues from substance abuse to mental illness and behavioral issues. In order to provide each patient with the best care possible, residential treatment centers often focus on a specific set of issues which allow therapists to create a specialized plan for each person enter…Read More

  2. How Can I Help My Child Succeed In School?

    Nobody ever said that parenting was an easy job, but when it comes to your child’s success in school, it can often feel downright hopeless, especially if their lack of success is linked to an underlying behavioral issue. Many parents may feel embarrassed if their child acts up in class, whether it’s throwing a tantrum or just not listening to their teacher’s instructions. Although homeschool…Read More

  3. How To Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

    Humans experience a range of different emotions throughout their lifetime: happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, fear, disgust, surprise, and more. All of these emotions are perfectly natural as long as they’re in balance. While in moderation, negative emotions like sadness, anger, or frustration can empower us and help us become better versions of ourselves; if we experience too much of these…Read More

  4. When To Seek Help For Your Son’s Bad Behavior

    As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, even if that means taking desperate measures to ensure their behavior issues are fixed. But how will you know it’s time to seek help from a behavioral therapist? Many people will write off bad behavior as a sign of puberty or “growing up,” but that’s not always the case. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the top warnin…Read More

  5. More Ways Exercise Affects Mental Health

    Here at Kaizen Academy, we continually stress the importance of exercise as a means of dealing with mental health issues like low self-esteem, depression, and even behavioral issues. Although exercise is not an all-in-one solution to these problems, it’s a useful tool that we use to help young men rebuild their self-worth and reinforce positive habits. Visit our site to learn more about the recr…Read More

  6. How Does Physical Activity Affect Mental Health?

    According to mentalhealth.gov, in 2014, one-fifth of all Americans experience mental health issues and around one in ten young people experienced at least one period of major depression. Life moves on whether it’s difficult or not, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek help for mental health issues when we need it. Here at Kaizen Academy, we specialize in treating sexual behavior issu…Read More

  7. What Are The Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs?

    A residential treatment program, or residential treatment center, is a healthcare facility focused on therapy for mental illness, behavioral issues, and substance abuse. These programs can be either created for a specific purpose, such as rehab for alcoholics or drug addicts, or they can have a broader reach. Here at Kaizen Academy, we specialize in working with boys dealing with sexual behavior i…Read More

  8. One Year Later: An Interview with a Kaizen Graduate

    In a program that literally has “continuous improvement” as its name, Kaizen is always striving to get better. One important measuring stick for us is whether we’re actually making a positive impact. Isn’t that what it all comes down to? Are we really making a difference?   Numbers can paint part of the picture. It’s important to conduct research throughout the treatment process, and be…Read More

  9. The Power & Purpose of Outdoor Adventure

    The power and purpose of experiential and adventure-based interventions for teens in treatment is undeniable. While more research is needed to expand our understanding of the clinical impacts of adventure therapy, previous research indicates improvements in depression, self-esteem, anxiety, and other mental/emotional health issues after engaging in adventure therapy programs. At Kaizen Academy, yo…Read More

  10. Giving Back @ Kaizen

    How is it that spending time in a cold warehouse can be so warming to the heart? The answer lies in the purpose. Kaizen Academy specializes in helping young men overcome sexual behavior problems by – in part – getting outside themselves and recognizing the thoughts, feelings, and needs of those around them. These are significant pieces to the often-challenging puzzle of empathy – an importan…Read More