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A Family Journey

We know all too well that these problems are FAMILY problems. The ripple effect of a son with sexual issues is often far-reaching, and healing is required for the entire family. Most parents we work with are battling an enormous range of emotions and reactions. Here are some thoughts from parents about their experience:

“I literally feel sick inside – I never imagined we’d be dealing with these kinds of issues.”

“I love my son, but right now, I feel so angry! How could this happen? And how can we even begin to move past it?”

“I’m so sad. I don’t know what to do to help (my son) see that he is still a good person. I guess we’re ALL feeling pretty sad.”

“We’ll get through this together. It won’t be easy, but we’ll get through it!”

An important part of the treatment process at Kaizen involves the family. Family therapy is one of the most important elements of the process, and successful outcomes largely hinge on how involved and invested the parents become.

As part of our specialized treatment for sexual problems in teens, parents will work with their child’s primary therapist to establish family therapy goals and schedules, but in addition, we also provide a comprehensive parent library to assist in the psychoeducational elements of the journey. When parents work to gain new insights as to how they can become solutions to the problems, they become a potent synergistic partner in the process. Learn more about our residential treatment for boys here.

Parent Seminars

Four times yearly, Kaizen Academy parents are invited to attend a Parent Seminar. This two-day event gives parents an opportunity to participate in a face to face therapy session with your child’s individual/family therapist, as well as the Academic Director. Other key staff members are also on hand. Placing a child at Kaizen Academy’s teen RTC often leaves family members and parents feeling isolated. The opportunity to listen to and talk with other Kaizen Academy parents who are having similar experiences with their son provides acceptance and encouragement. It gives parents another resource as they walk this path.

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