4 Warning Signs Your Teenage Son Needs Emotional Support

4 Warning Signs Your Teenage Son Needs Emotional Support

The mind of a teenager or young adult is a hard thing to understand. Even though you may have experienced similar things in the past, you still won’t be able to perfectly relate. This is okay — your son doesn’t need to be a carbon copy of you. What they do need is a parent that understands the more overt and concerning signs that their child needs emotional support. Learn more from the counseling service for teenagers in Provo at Kaizen Academy. If you feel that your son is in need of help, contact us today.

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Difficulty Concentrating

Children and teenagers can be all over the map when it comes to focusing on a specific task. While some of this is normal behavior for a teen boy, there are also limits that you should be aware of. If they begin showing signs of frustration and aggression from this inability to focus, it might be beneficial to look into counseling.

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Family Withdrawal

The teenage years are when children are supposed to quickly grow into adulthood and discover who they truly are. This often involved distancing themselves from family members in order to cope with their identity crisis. Give them space — but be ready to jump in and bring them to the therapists that are there for teens and young adults in Provo.

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Alcohol & Drugs

Parents, it is okay to come to terms that your teen, once your innocent little baby, is statistically likely to try some type of drug and experiment with alcohol before they reach the legal age. Your punishments for that are all your business — but there is a point where you should step in. If your teen is going to or coming home from school every day smelling like booze and weed, they might be doing more than casually experimenting. Emotional support therapists for teenagers in Provo can help find answers to your questions and solutions to the problem.

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Death Fixation & Suicidal Ideation

This final sign is the most important one to keep an eye out for. As previously mentioned, teens’ hormones are all over the place as they work their way into society. Some think that they just won’t be able to cut it in the real world. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and insomnia which should be treated professionally. However, if you hear your child make an offhanded remark about suicide or they begin fixating on death, you need to put your foot down quickly and get them into the right counseling service for teens in Provo — Kaizen Academy.

A person’s teenage years are incredibly important when it comes to their social and emotional development. Failing to assist your child with the proper care when they are displaying signs of stress, anger, aggression, or other negative behaviors can lead to carrying that with them into adulthood. Get help for your boy early when you contact Kaizen Academy in Provo, UT.

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