Exclusionary Factors for Kaizen Residential Treatment

Exclusionary Factors for Kaizen Residential Treatment

Do you have a teenage son at home who you simply don’t know how to help anymore? If he struggles with severe addictions, behavioral problems (sexual or otherwise), lack of self-care, and other concerning red flags, it’s no wonder why you’re here on our website, reading our blog posts, and looking through our program. Your teenager needs help, and you’re eager to find a solution.

In our last blog post, we detailed a lot of the things we look for in prospective Kaizen Academy students. We have a very specific treatment program here that’s targeted to a specific niche, so we look for criteria that are well-suited for our methods. It follows, then, that there are also exclusionary criteria. There are countless teenagers across the board that need some professional help, but some treatments are better than others.

At Kaizen, we’re well-equipped to help teenagers who struggle with sexual behavioral problems, and the other co-occurring challenges that may manifest themselves. But we can’t treat everything in the world, and if we feel your teenager would benefit from a different program more specifically focused on their needs, we’ll turn you down and recommend an alternative pathway to treatment. Here are some reasons why we might decline a teenager for residential treatment.


Your Teen Might Not Be A Best Fit For Kaizen IF…


One of the most important things we need to establish in this blog post is that we are trained and experienced in a very specific type of teenage therapy. But, a lot of people hear the word “therapist” and assume it’s a catch-all title for a person who can treat any and every type of mental illness or distress.

In reality, that’s not exactly true. Could we talk to violent and suicidal teenagers and help them out through therapy and rehabilitation? Yes. But would we be a better fit than other therapists who have dedicated their careers to these specific problems? No. And because suicide and homicide are deeply grave and serious issues, it’s our professional recommendation that you seek help that is specifically tailored for those struggles.

Don’t get us wrong; we are extensively experienced in handling aggressive, moody, and angry teenagers. But even extreme teenage aggression isn’t equal to actual violence and self-harm. As our residential treatment center focuses primarily on sexual behavioral issues rather than violence, we will do our best to point you in a better direction.


Although we are an inpatient facility here at Kaizen Academy, we focus much more on mental health than physical health. Many inpatient programs are medical in nature, with a fair share of nurses, doctors, and medical beds always nearby. But that’s not really what we do here, so if your teenager needs medical maintenance, they will not be considered a best fit for Kaizen.

This is especially important to note regarding alcohol and drugs. Kaizen Academy does, in fact, act as a type of rehabilitative facility, but not for substance abuse. Much like with suicide and violence, there are more than enough professionals out there who have dedicated their entire lives to treating those unique problems, and your teenager would be better off in their hands.

Specialization is key when it comes to therapy and rehabilitation, and that’s why we focus on sexual behavioral problems and addiction. A sexual addiction is something that can be treated without medical intervention, and because of that, we aren’t well-equipped to provide intensive maintenance or medical detox.


You sure don’t need us to tell you that it can be exceedingly difficult to help a teenager to correct their bad habits. How do you do it? Push them too hard, and they resent you. Leave them to their own devices, and they self-destruct. It’s a herculean task getting a teenager to understand that they need help because most of them believe that they’re better off without it.

This is a struggle that we face on the regular here at Kaizen Academy, so you can bet that we’re used to reluctant and troublesome teens who want to be anywhere except our facility. And yet, there is a point where even we draw the line, and excessive fleeing is one of them.

We believe in a holistic approach to healing here at Kaizen, and one of the most important aspects of that is the desire to heal. We understand that reluctance is natural for the majority of our students, but most of them find, after some time, that they really are in a good place. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But if your child has absolutely zero interest in getting help — zip, nothing, nada, we might not consider them a good fit. A reluctant teen is one we can work with, but one who constantly flees simply isn’t ready for the type of help that we’re trying to give them. Unfortunately, until they’re in the right headspace, the money and time spent at Kaizen Academy could be lost on them.


If your son is developmentally or intellectually disabled, the floodgates could be wide open for the types of problems we treat at Kaizen Academy. Certainly, such people can easily find themselves addicted to pornography in a bad way, and in theory, that would make them a good fit. But this is another area where it’s important to seek out a professional who is trained to deal with their unique condition.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with an intellectually disabled teen. But intellectual disabilities are an entire arena of their own, and you would be better off working with someone who has spent their life working in that field.

At Kaizen Academy, our residential treatment program is designed for normal functioning teenagers with a full-scale IQ of at least 80 or above. They need to be able to understand and comprehend why they’re with us, and dedicate considerable mental effort into healing and changing their ways. If your teen is intellectually handicapped, we don’t have the training to give them the care that they truly deserve.


Residential Treatment In Provo And Surrounding Areas

Do you live in Provo, Spanish Fork, or any of the other nearby areas? Do you have a teenager who struggles with sexual behavioral problems and addiction? Do they have a clear need for residential treatment, without exhibiting the factors listed in this blog post? If so, we can help them find hope and healing at Kaizen Academy. We encourage you to contact us today to get started.