Highlighting Our Clinical Approach To Sexual Addiction Behaviors

Highlighting Our Clinical Approach To Sexual Addiction Behaviors

At Kaizen Academy, we want you and your family to know that there is hope, that healing is possible. We work with teens who experience sexual trauma and other sexual issues and behaviors, taking them from self-destruction to a point of self-esteem and inner healing.


Who We Are At Kaizen

It all starts with our name. The word “Kaizen” (pronounced Kī – Zen) is a Japanese contraction (kai = change + zen = good) that simply means “change for the better.”

Kaizen Academy is the result of decades-long evolution in therapy and treatment, coupled with the desire to help adolescent boys who struggle with sexual behavioral problems.

We are a residential treatment center that offers clinical programs for troubled adolescents. With a focus on restoring and protecting sexual health and safety, we offer intensive and comprehensive residential treatment.

We pride ourselves in providing highly-specialized and proven therapy that includes healthy strategy development, moral support, listening ears, parent work, and family therapy throughout the behavioral treatment process.

In today’s blog, we will be spotlighting our unique clinical approach here at Kaizen Academy.

Clinical Approach

Our core value is growth. And while we work with teens who are experiencing complex issues, everything we do has a unified goal of healing, growth, and improved self-esteem.

Not only does our clinical approach utilize a multi-faceted set of treatments, but we make sure the individualized program is integrated and collaborative.

For example, our treatment team approach includes the academic and residential staff in the development and execution of the treatment plan itself. That way, we work in harmony towards the objectives, emphasizing accountability, empathy, honesty, integrity, and family reunification.

This holistic method aims to help each young man we help be better prepared for life outside of the therapy office — in his daily life moving forward.


Shedding light on the stark reality of these problematic issues is integral to the success of our treatment. While boys, and indeed parents, often feel a deep sense of shame and helplessness when confronted with these issues, it’s that very feeling of shame which prevents folks from getting the help their family needs.

The “Kaizen Movement” is first about helping families understand the reality of these issues, and secondly, that you are not alone. While social norms might tell you that these issues should be swept under the rug and ignored, Kaizen Academy facilitates bringing these issues to light so that understanding and true healing can take place.

Our Clinical Approach Includes:

  • Specialized Sexual Treatment – To comprehensively address the range of challenges that can stem from sexual abuse and trauma, Kaizen clients engage in regular individual, family and group sessions.
  • Family Systems – We support the entire family in their efforts to become a healthy system by addressing boundaries, mutual support, clarity in roles, healthy communication patterns, safety, and trust.
  • Attachment – The foundation of our program is based on attachment theory, which reminds that we are all worthy of love and belonging. We help our clients learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships of all kinds.

Adolescent Empowerment

Ultimately, Kaizen Academy adheres to a relationship-based approach, with our fully licensed clinicians utilizing modalities of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and other therapeutic approaches that best suit our clients’ needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Kaizen Academy and what we can do for you and yours, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you are ready to begin your application, you can do so at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you and put our expertise to work.