How Hobbies Help Prevent Destructive Behavior

How Hobbies Help Prevent Destructive Behavior

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”

-Common Idiom

Consider the quote above. It’s one that you’ve no doubt heard before, even if the wording was slightly different. Regardless of where it came from or the exact phrasing, the point is clear — boredom and idleness can lead to destructive behavior.

Not every person will default to bad habits when they’re bored, but it’s a strong temptation for people who already have vices with which they struggle. As counselors for teenage boys who struggle with sexual behavior problems, no one knows this better than our team at Kaizen Academy. That’s why, at our residential treatment center, we put a strong emphasis on helping teenagers to discover new hobbies and passions. Here are some reasons why everyone should have a hobby:

  • Hobbies Give You Something To Do: This is the most obvious one — at least in the context of troubled teenagers. Going in line with the quote above, it’s all too easy to indulge in destructive behavior when there’s no enticing alternative, and this couldn’t be more true for teenagers with pornography addictions. It’s important to have good, productive activities available to curb temptation.
  • Hobbies Build Self-Esteem: Hobbies are often associated with some sort of talent or developed skill. Nobody starts off being an amazing musician or artist, but as they practice, they become ever more capable. There’s a natural progression that builds self-esteem, which is one of the key ingredients in building yourself up into a better person.
  • Hobbies Provide a Sense of Community: In today’s digital age where the internet connects us all, it’s pretty much impossible to not find some kind of community who shares your same interests. There are countless resources that can help you find like-minded people in your community, and we believe that’s one of the most important steps in overcoming difficult personal problems. When you’re surrounded by people who relate to you and care for you, there’s a natural support system which makes it easier to avoid falling into bad habits.
  • Hobbies Can Provide a Future: It’s not uncommon for someone to become passionately interested in a hobby — and then unexpectedly find that it becomes their source of livelihood in their adult years. Obviously, this isn’t always true and it’s not the reason you should pursue a hobby, but if you work at something for a long enough time, it could very well become a way of life. It’s safe to assume that most people would prefer making a living doing what they love instead of boxed into a cubicle for the rest of their life.

How Our Residential Treatment Center Helps Teenagers To Find Their Passions

At Kaizen Academy, providing hobbies and activities is one of our most foundational program features. Whether teenagers are developing hobbies and talents they were already interested in, or discovering new ones, we provide plenty of room to grow. A teen at Kaizen Academy can pursue adventurous outdoor activities, creative pursuits, and recreational pastimes. Between hiking, snowboarding, board games, drawing, painting, working out, and much more, our residential treatment center provides an exhaustive list of productive habits that can be built up. Our RTC is located in Spanish Fork — if you’re in the area, or in surrounding regions such as Provo, Kaizen Academy can be a great choice for your teenage son. Contact us today to learn more about our program.