How Our Counselling for Teenagers Stands Apart

How Our Counselling for Teenagers Stands Apart

At Kaizen Academy, we are a boys’ residential treatment organization focused on providing teenage boys who struggle with sexual behavior problems with the therapy and help they need. Statistics show an alarming increase in unhealthy sexual habits among boys, and we are here to remedy that.

At Kaizen Academy, we provide hope and healing for young men with various sexual behavioral issues. These boys still have a chance to change their lives and have happy, healthy lives.

Our team specializes in counseling and therapy for teenagers in Provo, Utah. At Kaizen Academy, we are dedicated to helping teenage boys who are struggling with inappropriate behaviors. We offer the best therapy services. Read on to learn more.

We Believe There Is Hope

There is nothing that cannot be amended through the right approach. At Kaizen Academy, we understand and study sexual behavior problems in boys. Then, we formulate different treatment methods based on our training, skills, and experiences.

With our years of practice, we believe every boy has a chance of living a healthy life. Our organization has a high success rate. See what some of our previous clients are saying.

Our Treatment Is Successful

Our entire treatment plan focuses on managing the behaviors of our clients by creating effective programs and ensuring constant growth. We focus on four main aspects that include:

  • Development of a strong sense of self
  • Understanding the importance of a healthy family system
  • Developing consistency in transferable skills
  • Appropriate reintegration into the community

Many therapy services do not take into consideration the appropriate transition plan. After spending time in treatment, there is a need to prepare the boy to face the world as a new person. It can be challenging, but our team offers all the support needed.

We Have An Experienced Team

From senior management to the support staff, all the members have the needed skills to handle your boy. In addition, we have the proper training and experience to handle almost any situation, making us the perfect therapist for teenagers in Provo.

Our communication and interaction skills are exceptionable. We are divided into three main segments:

  • Our administration facilitates admission and runs the whole system.
  • Our clinical department who supports and ensures the boys’ safety.
  • Our support staff who helps with other operational duties.

It Is Easy To Contact Us

We accept all teenagers of all religions, races, and ethnic backgrounds. For admission, call us at: (801) 798 5448 or send an email through


Kaizen Academy offers reliable services to our customers in Provo, Utah. For more information about our residential therapy services, call us or schedule an appointment. You may also want to view our FAQs section to find answers to some common questions and concerns. We are available and ready to help your son become a better man through residential therapy. Learn more today.