More Signs Your Son May Be a Good Fit for Kaizen

More Signs Your Son May Be a Good Fit for Kaizen

Kaizen Academy, located just outside of Provo UT is designed to treat teenage boys who have sexual behavior issues. Whether you and your family have been struggling with these issues for a little while or have recently discovered that your child has issues of this nature, we are here to help your son and family heal. The ultimate goal for us is healing, and through a variety of different programs, we work with both your son as well as the family to ensure this. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best serve your needs.

While there are a handful of facilities that aim to provide services similar to those found at Kaizen, our approach is unique and our commitment to quality is unwavering, working hard to help improve the lives of both our students as well as their families. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few more examples of signs that your teenage boy may be a good fit to attend Kaizen Academy.

Your Teen Is Isolating Themselves

Having to navigate these sorts of obstacles can be challenging as is, but at the very least being able to address them can at least give you an idea of what your teenage boy is going through. This can become difficult or even impossible if your son is isolating themselves from your family. While it’s common for teens to sometimes retreat to their bedrooms to deal with their issues on a solo basis, if your son has sexual behavior issues, not being able to talk about them with him can only prove to be detrimental. Additionally, if he’s isolating from both his peers and his family, that can be incredibly difficult and potentially dangerous for your child and family unit overall.

Thankfully, Kaizen Academy has your family and child’s best interests in mind, and a big part of that is providing him with a new peer group of other boys who are going through similar struggles. Being in an environment that is more relatable for him can play an incredibly significant role in his healing process overall, and this can also help him in opening up about his issues to the family. Family treatment is also a big part of our program here at Kaizen, and being away from home can help your child approach the family unit with a new perspective, being able to understand the importance of family and how their individual actions can affect the overall family. Our boys’ treatment facility will provide them with an environment that will help your child feel comfortable, respected, and heard, making them be more engaged and less prone to isolation.

Interventions Are No Longer Effective

Sometimes when addressing an issue, we have no choice but to resort to interventions. There are methods for interventions that are more effective than others, but more times than not, interventions can often make a person feel attacked and defensive as a result of being guilted for bad behavior. For a lot of people, interventions are a last resort as no other resolutions have proven to be effective, and for some, multiple interventions are their only means of being able to address the problem head-on. Because of the sensitive nature of these issues, and the not always positive outcome of interventions, this can not only make you and your family feel as though you are hopeless in being able to help your son, it can also make your son feel as though they are an inconvenience and in an environment where they are not wanted.

Our boys’ treatment facility is designed to be the exact opposite of this kind of environment, providing your teenage son with specialized treatment that’s specific to their specific obstacles. Additionally, as stated earlier, it puts them in an environment with peers that are going through similar situations. Both of these things will make your son feel that they are being understood, allowing them to grow and overcome the difficult situations that they may be going through.


Poor Self Image

While our teen residential treatment center is designed for teenage boys who have sexual behavior issues, there are many other issues that can come as a result of this, one of them being poor self-image. Perhaps this is causing them to behave in the way that they have been behaving, or perhaps they’ve been experiencing a decline in their self-image since addressing their sexual behavior issues. Whatever the case may be, improving one’s self-image isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. One of the five pillars of adolescent empowerment is having a strong sense of self-worth. At Kaizen Academy, we help your child work past struggles of shame and move on from them, allowing them to rebuild their sense of self-worth. While this can take a little bit of work and time, it provides them with an incredibly strong foundation of self-worth, something that will be a key element to helping them move forward and achieve their goals.

Those are just three more signs that your child may be a good sign to attend Kaizen. At the Kaizen Academy, it is our absolute goal to help you and your child overcome their struggles involved with sexual behavior issues, as well as the many issues that can come along as a result of these. We strive to help your child and family heal, so as to both continue on the path to happiness, fulfillment, and success. Contact us today to learn more about our boys’ rehabilitation facility.