Pornography Addiction and Its Link to Depression

Pornography Addiction and Its Link to Depression

Pornography is more accessible today than at any other time in history. You can find a way to access some form of sexually explicit materials on phones, computers, tablets, and virtually every other electronic device that you own. While there is no conclusive study that has determined a 1:1 link between porn and depression, there might be a few connections that are worth exploring. Learn more below from the residential treatment experts at Kaizen Academy. Contact us today for more information!

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A Warped View of Sex

As an adult, you realize that pornographic videos are not accurate depictions of sexual intercourse. One is performed for a camera and the other is an intimate interaction between two people. Teens don’t necessarily have the wisdom or experience to understand this and, when they finally do encounter sex, might find themselves disappointed because it is very different from what is featured in pornography.

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An Emotional Escape

One theory posits that porn isn’t the culprit in the relationship between sexually explicit materials and depression. The thought is that pornography is viewed by many people that are suffering as a means of emotional escape from their reality. The intimate nature of the content and the cinematic aspects turn it into a personal experience, one that is enjoyable and causes the viewer to watch it more frequently.

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Serotonin is an extremely important hormone in the function of your physical body and your mental state. When it gets too low, a person can experience increased anxiety, insomnia, and depression. An orgasm, a common goal when one is viewing pornography, releases high levels of serotonin at once, which can help increase your mood at the moment. This feeling, like many drugs, can be addictive.

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While pornography isn’t dangerous to your physical health like alcohol or drugs, it can still lead to behavioral patterns that are similar to drug addiction. Isolation, lack of satisfaction in the real world, and emotional detachments are just a few of the effects of porn on mental health. Even on their own, these effects can cause depression. When combined these side effects are to combat.

There may or may not be a connection between pornography and depression. But, it is crucial that you evaluate the potential links — you might find that you are using something in your life as an unhealthy escape. If you are interested in learning more about programs for troubled teens in Provo, UT, contact Kaizen Academy today!

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