In our last article, we highlighted our clinical approach to sexual addiction behaviors. While we’d encourage our readers to read the blog in its entirety should you get the chance, we’ll provide a quick summary of our clinical approach below:

  • Specialized Sexual Treatment – We engage in regular individual, family, and group sessions to comprehensively address the range of challenges that arise from sexual abuse and misbehavior.
  • Family Systems – We support the entire family by addressing boundaries, clarity in roles, communication patterns, and more. 
  • Attachment – One of the foundations of our approach is to remind every student that we are all worthy of love and belonging. This helps to develop and maintain healthy relationships within and without the family. 

In today’s article, we’d like to take the opportunity to take a step back from discussing our clinical therapy. Instead, we thought our readers would find it helpful if we highlighted our mission and its components here at Kaizen. 

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Why Kaizen

We are specialists at Kaizen, meaning we treat adolescent boys who are troubled by issues of sexual addiction, trauma, and other behaviors. Whether boys are displaying behaviors related to inappropriate sexual boundaries, pornography, or something else altogether, Kaizen Academy is a holistic residential treatment center a few miles south of Provo that offers hope and healing.  

With a focus on restoring and protecting sexual health and safety for teen boys and their families, we offer comprehensive and intensive residential treatment with a robust program rooted in a mission our entire staff is passionate about. 

Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about our mission and what you can expect when choosing Kaizen. 

Our Mission

The word “Kaizen” (pronounced Ki-Zen) is a Japanese contraction, which roughly translates to “change for the better.” It is a practice of continuous improvement; no matter what point someone is at in their life, the goal of growth should always remain. 

This is why growth is a core value for us, underpinning everything we do. We have a vision to shift away from the status quo, embracing research-based approaches that we can uniquely apply to our clientele who come with specialized needs.

To break down our mission further, here are four mission-critical pillars Kaizen rests upon: 

    1. We are highly specialized, laser-focused on one population. We work with traumatized teen boys with sexual behavior issues who require more than generalist programs that aren’t catered to the individual needs of our clients. 
    2. We are problem-solvers for high-stakes issues. Kaizen students typically struggle with emotional, behavioral, relational, and social issues to one degree or another. We are proud to report that national statistics on success rates for teens who complete sex-specific treatment are among the top in the field of mental health. Indeed, the vast majority of students who complete Kaizer’s program are able to progress with their lives without reverting to the patterns which have plagued them.
    3. Our program is purposeful in its design to help “change the brain.” Without getting too far into the weeds, sexual trauma and sexually inappropriate interactions can change the neurology of the brain by creating unwanted neural pathways at a limbic systemic level. Essentially, the abnormal becomes normal, and our program has a proven approach to resetting those changes with repetitive, relevant, relational, rhythmic, and rewarding experiences that are relevant in all interactions and in all settings. This is the key to lasting change. 
    4. Kaizen feels like a home because it is a home. We are not a “large residential center,” not a compound, or a place for the unwanted or shameful. Far from it. On the contrary, our goal is to reunite families in a home environment. Rather than having our clients become acclimated to a control-environment, our students are welcomed by a relational environment that features a home-like setting. Everything we do is intentional and thoughtful — we genuinely care for our students and their families, and we do everything in our power to help them.  



The people working with the students here care about them as an individual and want them to become a positive contribution to society and to their families. As with any school you must see it first-hand to know if it is a good fit for your child, and meet the people who would be working with your child and the students that would be around them.” – Sean H. 

Learn More

We’d love to hear from you and learn about your child to see if we would be a good fit for him and your family. Please feel free to contact our admissions office at any time.