The Unique Advantages of Residential Treatment

The Unique Advantages of Residential Treatment

If you’ve arrived here on our blog, then it’s reasonably likely that you might have a struggling teenager at home. Kaizen Academy is, after all, a treatment center for teenage boys who struggle with problems such as sexual addiction. While we offer therapy for teenagers, recreational activities, and promote personal growth, there’s one component of our program that’s more important than any other — residential treatment.

Indeed, Kaizen Academy is a residential treatment center, which means that our students live here full-time, spending the day in our care and going to bed in their own quarters, on-site. But Kaizen is more than just your run-of-the-mill residential treatment center, it’s a home. We believe that large institutions do just that — institutionalize. Our goal is to help reunite families and teens in a comfortable home environment, and this affords several unique advantages that you wouldn’t find in a traditional or generalized teen therapy program.

Are you looking to help rehabilitate your traumatized teen boy? Here are some of the benefits of residential treatment centers:

Residential Treatment Provides An Untainted Environment

One of the biggest benefits of residential treatment is that it gives the teenager a fresh environment in which they can recover, free of all the triggers and mental associations that may have contributed to their problems at home. We don’t want to come off the wrong way by calling your home “tainted,” but it’s a simple fact that a new environment can be a good way to reboot the brain, something that’s essential for recovery.

The human brain is wonderfully complex, but sometimes to our detriment. The brain is very good at adapting itself to routines, and if you repeat an activity enough times in the same setting, simple things, such as the location or time of day can become a trigger for a certain behavior. Is there a time of day where you always feel the need to go to the bathroom without fail? Have you noticed that you fall asleep very quickly if you’ve formed a habit of reading before bed every night? These could be the results of neural pathways your brain creates when you’ve repeated a behavior over and over.

Unfortunately, this can also apply to unsavory things, such as sexual addiction or chronic pornography consumption. By temporarily removing your teenage boy from home and putting them in a fresh environment, they’re free of all those mental associations that might subconsciously influence their behavior.


Residential Treatment Provides Comprehensive Treatment

When you’re looking at the quality of treatment, there’s an ocean of difference between outpatient and inpatient services. Kaizen Academy qualifies as the latter, meaning that all patients live on-site, as opposed to coming over and visiting a few times a week.

Outpatient services can be useful for certain purposes, but if the teen is facing a serious issue that seems absolutely insurmountable, a few therapy sessions a week probably isn’t going to cut it. They will see their therapist, feel some cathartic release, then go right back home where their behaviors are likely to continue when there’s no one to intervene.

Residential treatment centers allow comprehensive treatment because we can provide an entire lifestyle to our students. We can schedule teen therapy sessions at a pace and frequency that is well-suited for our teens, and fill their lives with other productive and healthy activities in the meantime. With outpatient services, you don’t really get that full lifestyle change that’s so essential for overcoming destructive habits. And for teens who struggle with sexual behavioral problems, half-measures don’t get you very far.

Residential Treatment Help Teens To Build Meaningful Relationships

We’ve made it clear that we focus on a very specific niche here at Kaizen Academy — teenage boys with sexual behavioral problems. However, it’s naive to believe that these issues are isolated — they may be causing a host of other problems, or be symptomatic of greater ones. But regardless of what each teen is going through, there’s often one common factor: loneliness.

One of the most effective panaceas for teenagers struggling with any problem is good company. Humans are naturally social, and this couldn’t be more true for teenagers, who lean a lot on their social structure for support. While our residential treatment center removes teenage boys from the friends they’re used to hanging out with, it’s more than made up for with the relationships they form under our care.

At Kaizen Academy, our students can mutually bond over shared struggles. Sexual behavioral problems are a fairly taboo subject, especially among teenagers, and especially in Utah. It is understandably difficult for many of these boys to relate to other people or feel like they can talk about their issues without being judged. At Kaizen Academy, they’re in the company of other kids who have gone through the same struggles, and they’re surrounded by authority figures who are compassionate advocates for them. This can be a major source of peace and relief for our students.

Residential Treatment Provides Access To Recreational Therapy

This isn’t a statistic that’s true for every single residential treatment out there, but it’s true for Kaizen Academy. Located off of Highway 89, the Lasson Draw Wildlife Management Area is right in our backyard, giving us ample access to an endless amount of incredible outdoor vistas.

There are many benefits to outdoor recreational therapy, especially for people who are in need of a “brain reboot,” such as our teens at Kaizen Academy. Aside from the natural sense of peace we feel from the outdoors, there are also many tangible benefits they provide to our minds and bodies. Outdoor exposure has been linked to decreased amounts of cortisol, which is known as the primary stress hormone.

Recreational therapy can also generate returns in the long run. Many of our teenage students have problems that stem from loneliness, isolation, and a lack of productive activities to keep them busy. Despite growing up in beautiful Utah, many of them haven’t dipped their toes much into nature. We’ve seen many teenagers develop a love for the great outdoors that they never had before. If they continue to cultivate this love long after they’ve left our graces, we’ll have felt like we did some good for the world.



Residential Treatment For Troubled Teens In Provo And Surrounding Areas

Is your teen struggling with sexual trauma or worrisome behavioral problems? Do they have a pornography addiction that’s digging into their quality of life? These are very difficult problems, and if your teenage son needs help, it’s best to bring him to specialists who have dedicated their lives to helping this cause. We’ve trained for years to be equipped with the skill sets necessary to treat these very specific types of problems, and we can guarantee that your son will stand a better chance at Kaizen Academy than anywhere else.

We not only want to help your teenager overcome their immediate problems, we also want them to heal. If you resort to an outpatient method such as weekly therapy, you may not be giving your teen as much support as they require. Bring them to our residential treatment center instead. By living in a fresh new environment that provides comprehensive treatment, new friends, and endless outdoor activities, they can overcome their struggles. Contact us today to get started.