Top Activities at Kaizen Academy Boys Residential Treatment Center

Top Activities at Kaizen Academy Boys Residential Treatment Center

Located in Provo, Utah, Kaizen Academy is a boys residential treatment center devoted to helping those struggling with sexual behavior problems. We are hyper focused on treating one population — adolescent boys — with our innovative, individualized therapy approach. The list however does not end there. There are several beneficial and fun activities that our patients partake in daily. Listed here are only a few of them. If you’d like to learn more, contact us now.


Living In A Supportive, Active Community

In addition to our unique therapy methods, we offer our patients housing. Life in Kaizen Academy fosters community values, lasting relationships, and improved social skills. We teach our patients social responsibility by lovingly encouraging the “work before play” mindset. Each day starts with independence-focused activities such as vacuuming, cooking, washing dishes, etc. These skills are pertinent to personal growth as they demonstrate how to be responsible. The youth in Kaizen Academy learn to respect themselves, their environment, and their peers. Moreover, one supervisor is assigned the duty of helping 4 boys at a time, which is an excellent ratio.


Healthy Recreational Activities

Experiencing new and healthy things is integral to a teenager’s growth. Also, we do not enforce an “all work no play” strategy on any of our students. In fact, we offer numerous recreational activities that are specially designed to be healthy. A few on-campus recreational opportunities include board games, drawing, painting, foosball, ping pong, workout, etc. Outdoor activities such as snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking, are also a part of our program. This puts our teen rtc residents in touch with mother nature and promotes clarity of thought — plus, it’s a lot of fun!


Progressive Academic Program

Not enough boy’s residential treatment centers give quality education to their residents. At Kaizen Academy, we make education and academic excellence a priority. We have on-campus classrooms devoted to this purpose. Moreover, we used an individualized approach to truly connect with and understand the needs of every boy. At first, our students give an evaluation test that determines areas for improvement. The course we teach meets student graduation criteria as well. Our academic staff to student ratio is a healthy 1 to 3. This enables our educators to give adequate attention to each student.

Active and supportive housing, adventurous recreational activities, an innovative schooling program — Kaizen Academy in Provo, Utah, has it all. We encourage personal growth and repeatedly award positive experiences. Through our research-backed therapy techniques, we proudly help reunite families and reform individuals. If you’d like to find out more about our residential treatment for boys, reach out to us today.