Top Reasons to Choose Kaizen Academy as Your Residential Treatment Center

Top Reasons to Choose Kaizen Academy as Your Residential Treatment Center

At Kaizen Academy residential treatment center for boys, we’re dedicated to helping adolescent boys challenged with sexual behavior problems. Our approach is backed by innovative research which is used to develop new therapeutic methods and techniques. We believe that every patient of ours deals with their issues in their own unique way. This is why our approach is individualized, while still within the boundaries of research and clinical studies. Here are some reasons why you should opt for our services. Contact Kaizen Academy in Provo, Utah today, and change for the better!


We Offer Specialty Care

We believe that an individualized, specialty-care approach is the only way to properly devote attention and time to each of our patients. Sexual behavior problems are a very personal and private matter, and this is why a generalist method doesn’t work in this case. We are laser-focused on treating one population only, and that is teenage boys. Residential treatment for boys has to be confidential since that’s the only way a boy can address his sexual issues without feeling shame and guilt. This is how our teen rtc promotes progress and healing.


We Rewire Trauma Out Of Our Patients

Sexual trauma at any age can leave a boy mentally scarred. This leads to the brain developing unhealthy neural pathways that are responsible for normalizing problematic behavior. Change can only be achieved through repeatedly rewarding positive experiences. All activities at Kaizen are specially designed to rewire the brain and induce long-lasting change. Our residential treatment for boys considers this the key to true reform.


Our Environment Is Supportive And Home-Like

Over at Kaizen, we attempt to rebuild families through persistent hard work and devotion. A big institution will inevitably institutionalize its clientele. We, however, are not a generalist boys residential treatment, but a supportive and friendly environment that fosters personal growth and character development. Our infrastructure allows our patients to heal and become whole again. We have an active community where one can find relatable peers and make lasting bonds.

These are only a few reasons why you should choose Kaizen Academy as your boys residential treatment center. Located in the outskirts of Provo, Utah, Kaizen is a teen rtc that is surrounded by mountains and natural serenity. Contact us today to get started.