Understanding Residential Therapy for Boys

Understanding Residential Therapy for Boys

Noticing sexual behavior problems in your teenage son can be worrisome. However, you should know that you are not alone — and neither is your son. At Kaizen Academy, we specialize in helping only this population because we understand how important it is that they receive the attention and therapy that they need to heal.

In today’s blog post from Kaizen Academy, we are going to discuss residential therapy, why it works, and how you can help your son learn to heal and grow. Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to speak to the team at Kaizen Academy, reach out to us.

Why Residential Therapy?

Sexual behavior problems caused by trauma are something that requires specialized care and therapy. And, at Kaizen Academy, that’s all we do. We have a multi-faceted, clinically sophisticated approach that allows us to address the problems that your child may be facing, and then create a specialized plan to help them heal and become prepared for life at home once again.

For boys who have tried therapy and other outpatient options, and have found that they are not enough, residential therapy can be a great option. We help your child heal in a relationship-based program that is designed to help them return to normal life once the program is complete rather than institutionalizing them.

When To Opt For Residential Therapy

You may be wondering what makes residential therapy better than other options, and when is the right time to choose this level of treatment for your son. Some of the reasons include:

  • When your son needs a complex diagnostics
  • If you have tried other treatments in the community to no avail
  • Inadequate community or home support
  • Safety issues or self-harm urges
  • If other therapists have struggled to determine your son’s diagnosis

Residential Therapy Benefits

Teenage boys can be difficult to handle. However, as parents, you want the best for them. Choosing a boys residential therapy center comes with various benefits such as:

  • All-day support – There is continuous monitoring and 24-hour support for boys in the center. The consistency helps track your son’s progress by identifying and concentrating in the areas where he struggles.
  • Experiencing positive situations – Your boy experiences a new life away from toxic people and an unhealthy previous life. This helps him to gain perspective and have positive vibes around him.
  • Various therapeutic modalities – Residential therapy focuses on more than talk therapy. They test all angles to deal with the problem correctly.
  • Frequent sessions – Being able to see a therapist more often is an added advantage.


There are many benefits obtained from residential therapy. Here at Kaizen Academy, we offer the best therapists for teenagers in Provo, Utah. We rebuild your boy to become the best version of himself and help him achieve what he couldn’t at home or at other facilities. Bring your child to us and watch them grow and heal. Reach out to the team at Kaizen Academy today to get started.