Warning Signs Your Son May Need a Teen Therapy Center

Warning Signs Your Son May Need a Teen Therapy Center

All boys go through emotional roller coasters during their teen years. It is their developmental period after all. However, if these mental ups and downs become more and more frequent, or increase in intensity, there may be a bigger problem. Here we will dive into warning signs that your son may need a teen therapy center. If you’re looking for a boys residential treatment center, consider Kaizen Academy. Located in Provo, Utah, we are home to many struggling and reformed teenage boys.


Bad Academic Status

One of the key signs of mental struggle is poor academic performance. Challenged teenagers most frequently find school a burden. While academic success is difficult for many adolescent boys, a pattern of declining grades and trouble at school is a concern. You may need a teen therapy center if you notice that your son has been struggling academically, showing no interest in homework, and feels indifferent to education and school. Moreover, having action taken against them by school authorities is also a key giveaway that your son could have a problem.


Abrupt Personality Changes

When struggling with mental and emotional health issues, teenagers often exhibit abrupt personality changes. Having mood swings is normal for adolescent boys. However, if your son expresses strange behavior such as quitting life-long hobbies or ignoring other things that he is passionate about, he is probably struggling. Moreover, uncharacteristic activities such as running away, fighting, showing unusual interest in weapons, or the desire to cause harm to others are all warning signs. When things have escalated to such a degree, enrolling him in a boys residential treatment is your best bet.


Voluntary Isolation

Extreme secretiveness or self-isolation is also a huge giveaway of personal struggle. If your son has recently started to keep information from you, he may be feeling ashamed and guilty of something. Self-loathing is also very common among depressive teenagers. Moreover, the more your son distances himself from family and friends, the worse his situation could be. At one point, family interventions and talking become useless for cases developing in severity. This is when it’s most crucial to seek residential treatment.

Poor grades in school, sudden character shifts, and self-isolation are only a few of the warning signs your son may need a teen therapy center. If you see your son headed down this path, please consider a teen rtc. We at Kaizen Academy in Provo, Utah, top boys residential treatment center will do everything in our power to restore hope and promote healing. Reach out to us now.