What To Expect At Our Boys RTC: Housing and Recreation

What To Expect At Our Boys RTC: Housing and Recreation

When attending treatment centers for your issues, you want to ensure that you are getting help for your problems, not building new problems. At Kaizen Academy, we help teenage boys through the journey of overcoming their problematic sexual behaviors, and our treatment center is focused on making these boys’ journeys easy in a supportive environment. Based in Utah’s scenic mountain landscape, our boys residential treatment center is comfortable and cozy for residents. On top of this, we support the boys through various activities and plans. Along with our residential treatment for boys, here is what you can expect from our housing and recreation:


Independent Living Skills

Responsibility is crucial to youth development and learning new patterns in our behavior. To engage our members with this concept of responsibility, we start each day with household chores so each boy can understand the importance of “work before play” and independent living. Through the activities of cooking, vacuuming, and more, the boys have the opportunity to become leaders and supervisors for their peers. This process builds more than new behavioral patterns, it teaches respect for others, community, their environment, authority figures, and oneself.



At Kaizen Academy, we provide specialized treatment for teenage boys living in our centers. With a personalized approach for every adolescent, we build a strong sense of self through healthy relationships and community integration. By building and maintaining meaningful connections with those around you, you become a contributing member of the community. To build this community, we design tasks for you to work through every day.


Outdoor Activities

Based in such a serene location, we want to make sure the youth we work with have the opportunity to experience their surroundings. We go on hikes, biking, and camping trips during the warmer months and when it’s snowy out we also go skiing and snowboarding. These aren’t just opportunities for play, recreational activities address individual physical, emotional, and developmental needs.


Indoor Activities

On our campus, you can also expect our treatment program to include various games such as paintball, foosball, volleyball, and more. We believe that by trying new activities and finding new interests, past behavioral issues can be supplanted with pro-social patterns that are not destructive.


By using our teen RTC campus as a tool for progress, we provide a rich service to those who come to us for help. Problematic sexual behaviors are a health issue, and our approach realizes this. That is why we treat every patient with the individualized care necessary. But we don’t overlook the community we are building, that is why we go on this journey together with indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Contrast us for more information about Kaizen Academy’s specialized treatment and housing.

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