Why Our Boys Residential Treatment Center May Be a Last Stop

Why Our Boys Residential Treatment Center May Be a Last Stop

Adolescent boys and teens that exhibit sexual behavior problems have an incomplete or misguided understanding of what is appropriate in healthy, normal relationships. There are instances where this type of problematic behavior, if left unchecked, can lead young men down a very dark and challenging path with great potential to cause harm to others and themselves. Kaizen Academy was established to help these young men and their families get their lives back on track, their behaviors under control, and develop an understanding of what healthy sexual behaviors look like.


No Outside Distractions

One of the biggest benefits of a residential treatment center (RTC) is that there are practically no outside distractions for boys in treatment. In many cases, if the young men enrolled in treatment programs at Kaizen Academy were left to fend for themselves in their normal environment, the failure rate for behavioral change rises exponentially. The best solution for these teens is to remove them from the environment that may be contributing to their problematic behaviors and place them in a new environment where they are not able to engage in their unhealthy activities. While in residence, boys undergoing treatment can spend all of their time focusing on recovery and making positive progress.


Constant & Direct Contact With Mental Health Professionals

While in an RTC, your child will have ongoing, constant, and direct access to a team of mental and behavioral health professionals. Boys undergo tailored treatment that is developed and delivered by clinical experts and therapists. These treatments include both individualized education and group sessions, all of which are aimed at keeping young men on track and impacting their confidence and sense of accomplishment. Kaizen Academy is a results-driven RTC with a single mission — to offer innovative therapy techniques designed to achieve results in a nurturing family setting. These types of treatments are simply not as effective when boys are not in residence and have constant access to professional help.


Addressing Problems Before They Lead To Criminal Activity

Did you know that, according to the National Children’s Alliance, as much as 23% of reported sexual assaults are committed by juveniles? In many of these cases, both individuals involved in the assault are minors. This is the reason why it is so vitally important to recognize, address, and seek professional treatment for sexual behavioral problems, especially in young people. Recognizing unhealthy patterns early can significantly reduce the likelihood that such behaviors lead to activities that are both harmful and illegal.


Change Course Away From Potential Incarceration

Everything that we do at Kaizen Academy for the boys in residence in our programs is done with the intention of supporting the healing process and achieving optimal results in the best time possible. Problematic sexual behaviors may inevitably lead to difficult and heartbreaking situations, including young men facing potential incarceration. Take control, realize that there is hope, and that real change is possible in your child with the right RTC program at Kaizen Academy.

Enrolling your son in Kaizen Academy may be a last stop before a truly unfortunate outcome — but it can also be a first step in the right direction. Contact us today to find out more about our teen RTC program and speak with licensed professionals.

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