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A Relationship-Based Residential Treatment Facility

Kaizen Academy is a teen RTC with a mission to bring teens on the brink of self-destruction to self-esteem, healing, and wellness. With a unique focus on treating youth who display issues with problematic sexual behavior, boundaries, trauma, and more, we are equipped to facilitate genuine, long-lasting growth through partnering with families.

We offer specialized treatment at our teen residential treatment center because we know that these issues are complex and individualized. The families we partner with understand all too well just how high the stakes are in these cases. With our research-based program that utilizes attachment theory based on the Good Lives Model, our clinical approach emphasizes accountability, empathy, honesty, integrity, and family re-unification.



  • Family System - A strong family unit paramount for long-lasting change
  • Strong Sense of Self - Work past struggles of shame and redefine your self-worth
  • Transferable Skills - Build skills that will be useful for the rest of your life
  • Community Integration - Grow past your own struggles and become a contributor to your community
  • Healthy Relationships - Learn to build and maintain healthy relationships with those around you.











Who We Are

Kaizen Academy is the result of decades-long evolution combined with a staff who genuinely does everything in our power to help adolescent boys who are struggling with sexual behavior issues. Kaizen is about getting well, through change for the better.

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There Is Hope

The heart of Kaizen Academy is to be the foremost leader in working with male teens struggling with sexual behavior problems through consistent, dedicated efforts. We accomplish this by ensuring that one of our company’s foremost values, growth, is at the center of everything we do.

To accomplish this, we’ve shifted from practicing what’s always been done to implementing research-based approaches that are tailored to the unique needs of our clientele. While each of our clients struggles with sexual issues in some way, they all have individual battles to fight. With our individualized, clinical approach, we incorporate attachment-informed programming and experiential learning.

Below you will find four key elements that effectively encapsulate who we are at our boys’ residential treatment center near Provo.



Some residential treatment centers for boys offer a wide range of treatment options for an equally wide range of clinical issues. This is not the case at Kaizen. By contrast, we work with only one population — traumatized teen boys who exhibit sexual behavior issues.

Our specialty care is integral to the success of our program. While some generalist programs might prove effective for certain folks who have less defined mental health troubles, we’ve found our highly-specialized approach is ideal for this set of issues. The generalist setting often allows shame to set in, whereas, at Kaizen, every client is experiencing a similar type of issue, so transparency and vulnerability can prevail in favor of growth and healing.



There are no two ways about it — these are high-stakes issues. Sexual behavior issues usually impact teen boys in emotional, relational, behavioral, and social ways. But take heart! National statistics show that the success rates for teens who complete sex-specific treatment are among the very highest in the mental health field.

At Kaizen, our own track-record of success supports these findings. In large part, this is due to the fact that being at Kaizen means our clients can be supported in their honesty and openness about their past and present. This support not only comes from our staff and therapists but from the other students as well. Through individual, family, group, and experiential therapies, our students undergo a powerful process of sustainable change.



Sexually inappropriate interactions and sexual trauma often change the very neurology of the brain by creating unfavorable neuropathways. Analyzing the limbic system reveals that the brain is engineered to make abnormal behavior normal over time.

Our program is intentional about its efforts to change the brain. To change the aforementioned, unhealthy wiring of the brain, we invoke appropriately contradictory experiential input. In simpler terms, this means instilling repetitive, relevant, relational, rhythmic, and rewarding experiences. We understand that all interactions — in all environments — must be addressed in this treatment to help the normal return to normal. In this way, our students begin to desire what is normal and healthy due to the experiential input at Kaizen.



Kaizen Academy feels like a home… because it is a home. Our ultimate goal is to reunite families within their own homes, but in the meantime it is vital to us that our students feel comfortable and peaceful during their stay at Kaizen.

Everything we do is with this in mind, from our staffing choices and the way we group our students to the physical layout of our residential treatment center. It is a nurturing, familial setting, which is something not typically found at big institutions or other residential treatment centers for teens.

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All of us at Kaizen want you to know that there is hope, there is healing. It takes time and a united effort from clients, families, and our staff. If you are interested in learning more about Kaizen Academy and if our boys’ residential treatment is right for your needs, reach out to us at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you, so contact Kaizen today!