Helpful Tips For Parents of Kaizen Academy Students

Helpful Tips For Parents of Kaizen Academy Students

Kaizen Academy is here to help your teenage son overcome his sexual behavior problems, as well as treating the family as a whole, allowing your entire family to heal and move on. Our teen RTC outside of Provo UT provides the perfect environment and setting for your teen to be able to confront and overcome their issues while helping them build meaningful relationships, gain transferable skills and provide them with the tools they need for success. For us here at Kaizen, it’s about more than just treating the individual problem, it’s about allowing your child to rise above it, setting them on a path towards true personal growth. To learn more about our boys’ residential treatment center or to set up a tour of our facility, contact us today.

Perhaps you’re a parent that’s considering enrolling your teenage son in our residential treatment program, or maybe you’ve started them on their healing journey. This may likely be a relatively new concept to both you and them, so it’s important to understand what the process may be like, and what you can do to help the process move forward and provide support for your son. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few things that you can do to accomplish these things, ensuring their success.

Patience Is Key

If you’ve enrolled your teenager at Kaizen Academy, you’re looking out for their and your best interests. The obstacles that they may be facing at this time in their life, while not uncommon, are not ones that can be overcome in a matter of days. It is because of this that perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind after enrolling your teenager at Kaizen is patience. Avoiding common cliches, think of this comparison. If you spent an entire year eating poorly and not exercising, eventually you’ll start to feel unwell. Remedying this will require more than just a single day of healthy eating and a workout plan. The additional effects that these kinds of behaviors can have on you can go deeper than just your physical health as well, increasing the number of problems that will require repair.

Makes sense, right? When considering the kinds of things that your teen may be coping with — be them depression, anger problems, substance abuse, or other issues as a product of sexual behavior problems — being able to rehabilitate your teen and help them overcome these issues will take time. This will require patience on your end not only with us but also with them. It will take time for your child to adapt to a new environment, lifestyle, and peer group, and there may be times where they may move forward only to move back, which is common. Showing patience, understanding, and empathy for your teenager will be more effective than you realize, as it will give them the familial support they need, providing them with strength to help improve their lives.


Have Involvement In Your Son’s Treatment

Our goal at our teen residential treatment center is to help heal the family system. We are committed to providing support to not only help your child overcome their obstacles but help your entire family overcome them as well, strengthening the entire system rather than just the individual. Because of our commitment to this, one part of the treatment program here at Kaizen involves family treatment. This includes not only having your teenager come home to visit whenever possible, but also having the family come to us for treatment, which is a scheduled weekly therapy session for your entire family, designed to aid in the healing process. We also encourage families to come to visit their teens early in his enrollment here.

All of these things have a larger purpose of healing the entire family system, but there are secondary benefits to this as well. Firstly, your teen may have a hard time adjusting to all of these changes at once, be them the new living arrangements and environment or new peer group, and more importantly, the anxiety and loneliness that comes with being away from home for an extended amount of time. By being able to see his family regularly, this will decrease his overall anxiety, as that familiar element will still regularly be a part of his life. As we mentioned earlier, something like this can have a much greater impact on your teen’s overall healing, as this comfort and familiarity can help them feel strong and allow them to move forward in the healing process.

Additionally, for your family, being involved in this process will be able to see just how much your teen is progressing, giving your family the peace of mind and comfort needed to move along on your healing journey. Though the cause of the issues your family is experiencing has to do with the actions and behaviors of an individual, treating the individual won’t solve everything, and being able to treat the family as a whole will allow the family as a whole to move on.

Those are just two helpful tips for families enrolling their boys at our teen residential treatment center. At Kaizen, we are committed to providing specialized treatment for adolescent males with sexual behavior problems, helping them build healthy relationships while allowing them and their families to heal and overcome these obstacles. Each student is unique and requires specialized treatment, but the end goal of healing always remains. To learn more about our teen RTC in the greater Provo area, contact us today.