What To Expect In Our Boys Residential Treatment Center

What To Expect In Our Boys Residential Treatment Center

Enrolling your son in Kaizen Academy’s Residential Treatment Center for Boys can be an emotionally daunting task. There are so many factors at play that are unique to each family’s situation that we cannot possibly understand. To help ease the process, here is a breakdown of what to generally expect when it comes to our program, our process, and our goals.


A Focused Approach

We are very clear about our approach to helping traumatized teen boys – we’re here to help those primarily with sexual behavioral issues. It is not an easy subject and treatment is no easy feat. But, our staff is specialized in the field and knows how to deal with this potentially life-impacting behavior. Keying in on this specific subject allows us the opportunity to dig deep into a difficult issue and cater the appropriate approach to each individual.


Treating Underlying Disorders

Often, the source of behavioral issues has more than one cause. Those dealing with sexual behavioral issues often have underlying problems like depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues that can impact how they interact with the world. We aim to get to the root of the behavior and treat it as much as we treat the general symptoms. We believe that digging into the foundation of the problem allows us to easier deal with the macro-effect that the ensuing behavior has on your son as well as their environment and relationships.



Our approach places an emphasis on self-empowerment. The boys in our program will learn how to be open when it comes to connecting with themselves and others. They will learn how to prioritize and maintain interpersonal relationships in a healthy manner. They will even learn transferable skills that can translate in both personal and professional life, allowing them the opportunity to navigate the world for themselves. They will exit our residential treatment center with a better sense of their effect on the world and a stronger understanding of who they are and why their behavior matters.


Family First

The large-scale benefits of our program are important, but the focus truly starts with the family. At Kaizen, we turn our efforts towards constructing a functional family unit through your child. We put an emphasis on finding trust within the family unit and build on that foundation until we reach our goal. Honesty and positive communication are often difficult tasks to undertake, but we believe that with enough knowledge and practice, any family can achieve harmony in those areas.

The decision to enroll your son in a residential treatment program for behavioral issues is no easy feat. We understand that the impact of this choice can resonate through your entire family. Call Kaizen today or visit our website and get some peace of mind about our process. We want to help – let’s do it together.