What's The Difference Between A Boys' Residential Treatment Center and Inpatient Treatment

What's The Difference Between A Boys' Residential Treatment Center and Inpatient Treatment

Here at Kaizen Academy, we are asked all the time about our residential treatment center and how it differs from inpatient treatment. Today, we'll go over the difference in this blog post, and if you are interested in our boys' residential treatment center in Utah, get in touch today.


The Setting

One of the big differences between a residential treatment center and an inpatient treatment center is the setting. For inpatient treatment, treatment is usually in a treatment facility or hospital of some sort. At a boys' residential treatment center, the atmosphere is more relaxed and mimics an at-home environment.


The Level Of Treatment

For an inpatient treatment center, the level of care around-the-clock. At residential treatment centers, the care is on a daily basis, but not at the intensity level of an inpatient treatment center. Inpatient treatment usually involves medication and is more focused on immediate stabilization of the patient. Residential treatment is more therapeutic by nature.


The Length Of Treatment

Mental health issues are extremely complicated, and patients follow customized plans. Thus, it's hard to generalize for individuals. However, inpatient treatment tends to be short-term due to its intensity level. However, boys' residential treatment can be on an on-going, long-term basis, depending on the individual's need.


Activities Offered

Since inpatient treatment is intense, there's not much time for additional activities. However, some facilities do have exercise centers and the like. Academic life is wholly missing at inpatient treatment centers. However, at boys' residential treatment centers, activities are usually a big part of daily life and can be used as treatment itself. Contact Kaizen Academy in Utah to learn more.


Kaizen Academy offers boys' residential treatment for those struggling with sexual issues, such as sexual boundaries, trauma, pornagraphy, and the like. Located in beautiful Utah, we offer a haven for boys to heal with treatment offered by experts in the field. To learn more, contact us today.

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